A Family Business

BrycoThe ‘Bettinardi’ name is synonymous with quality in the precision machining industry. Bryon Bettinardi, owner and president of Bryco Machine, comes from a family who knows the machining business like no other.

Bryon began his machining career while working for his father, Don Bettinardi. Mr. Bettinardi was a journeyman machinist at Argonne National Laboratory before starting his own business, Donson Machine in 1978. Bryon learned quickly from his father and soon became dedicated to the machining industry. After several years of working at Donson he decided to branch out and open Bryco Machine Inc. in 1983.

Donson MachineBryon also has three brothers in the machining industry: Joe and Jim Bettinardi who now run Donson Machine and Bob Bettinardi owner and president of X-Cel Technologies / Bettinardi Golf. Together the three companies total over $38M in annual sales. 

X-Cel Technologies

Bettinardi Golf

Bryon and his brothers have formed a business partnership with a commitment to support customers with specialized needs including large projects that require more manpower or that may require tight deadlines. Bryco Machine, Donson Machine and X-Cel Technologies / Bettinardi Golf work together when needed to make smart business decisions.   Some advantages to this partnership include:

  • Improved buying power
  • Shared access to equipment
  • Reduced vendor pricing
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Shared employee resources (over 250 employees across all three shops)